Classes And Camels


doodle of fishes

A doodle of fishes. inked with a brush pen.

Hi there, how are you?

I’ve been watching the Skillshare classes again. I haven’t done the work for  all of the classes I’ve watched yet but this week I did get chance to do one or two.

This first one was a lass by Yasmina Creates  It was about doodling; she used fine-liners to make lots of cute doodly drawings. It was kind of drawing from imagination, something I don’t often do so I thought it would be interesting. I spent a very enjoyable evening pencilling out the fish and drawing them in with a brush pen. See image above.

The next class was Stefan G. Bucher He makes monsters out of ink splots. To make his splots he uses compressed air, I don’t have any and don’t have the puff to blow through straws all evening so after a rummage through the kids old drawing stuff I found one of those air blitzer things you put felt pens into and squeeze. ( Tim Holtz sold one recently). A few sharp puffs and there’s the ink splot, tendrils and all. I made loads of splots, after staring and squinting at the shapes I managed to make two little monsters.

ink blot guy

Ink blot guy.

This is an exercise in finding images in the shapes (something I happen to be rubbish at), I’m calling this a win.

ink blot bird

Ink blot bird.

July 1st is pinch punch post day on twitter. I haven’t participated for quite a while, not for any particular reason other than I just have a terrible memory hehehe. I remembered about four days ago and thought I should get on this thing before I forget again! The theme this month is camel.

The theme this month is camel.

running camel watercolour sketch

Watercolour sketch of a running camel

The paper was damaged as I used the watercolour; maybe I’m I little gentler as I apply it normally, I think it worked in my favour though as the texture looks very like camel fur.

watercolour sketch of a camel

Watercolour sketch of a camel

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Note:  The links for the teachers of these classes will take you directly to their class, if your interested in what they are up to but don’t want to see the class I’m sure you could copy and past into google for instagram’s and web sites.

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