It’s World Watercolor Month 2019

3 watercolour poppy buds

Poppy buds sketched in watercolour. I scanned these into the computer to better compare them so the images differ from the instagram photos.

Hi there, how are you?

July is once again upon us and it’s time for world watercolour month. This is a challenge set up by Doodlewashe’s Charlie shields. He has details of the challenge and you can donate money or art supplies to the charity ( The Dreaming Zebra Foundation ) supported by the challenge.

I’ve participated in the last few years to varying degrees of success but this year didn’t really have the motivation, had no idea on what I wanted to achieve or the parameters to set. I find if I have no goals I just flounder about for a few days then give up.

At the eleventh hour I had an idea, since I sketch something small most days any way, maybe I could make all of my sketches on watercolour paper. It’s a way to improve my watercolours and get used to working on watercolour paper.

Day 1, pinch punch post day and I used my camel since I had nothing else prepared.

Day 2, poppies. We have two straggly poppies that have self-seeded into pots, I leave them there because I like them. I decided to spend a week or so documenting their lives. (See above image)

1. I tried to paint it the way I would in my sketchbook oof, watercolour doesn’t work that way, I should know better!

2. Getting the hang of it and the painting was a lot easier.

Day 3, another poppy (number 3 in  top image), finally felt like I was getting the flow.

Day 4, oops nothing. I was going to paint my poppy flower, by the time I got there all the petals had dropped off. I’ll paint the seed head next week maybe.

Day 5, gooseberries. I planted this about ten years ago and thought I had killed it, to my surprise last year we grew two, yes two whole gooseberries! This year we may have a small bowl full. Yay!

gooseberries watercolour sketch

A watercolour sketch of gooseberries.

Day 6, robin. Every time I sit out in the garden he flies down to see what I’m doing then flies up to the fence to watch, maybe he’s picking up painting tips hehehe.

There were some interesting granulating effects going on here. They weren’t intentional but I like them.

robin watercolour sketch

A robin watercolour sketch.

Day 7, cosmos. I wish I had these lovely flowers in my garden; sadly I don’t so I enjoy other peoples and take photos whenever I can.

cosmos watercolour sketch

A watercolour sketch of some cosmos flowers.

It’s very different doing my sketching on watercolour paper, the amount of paint, water and flow are very different and I miss my smooth sketchbook paper but it is an interesting experiment and I’m quite enjoying it.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

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