World Watercolor Month 2019 Week 4

octopus day 25

Octopus day 25. This was my favourite painting this week so I’ve put it at the top.

Hi there, how are you?
It’s week 4 of world watercolour week, there’s just a few days left now.

Day 22, I had set parameters for my self, to use watercolour paper for this challenge. I know it makes no difference to anybody else but I wanted to stick to it. This was a very rough sketch I had painted in my sketchbook. I tried to reproduce something similar on watercolour paper. Ooof see tomorrow.

rosebay willow herb sketchbook

Rosebay willow herb. The sketchbook version. this was painted quickly with a water brush.

Day 23, I painted this three times! This is the one I hated least, moving on.

rosebay willowherb

Rosebay willowherb painted on watercolour paper. it’s ok but I just couldn’t capture the same freshness as the sketch above.

Day 24, poppy seed-heads. The poppies have finished flowering, the seed heads are swelling and standing in a row waiting for me to paint them.
As they get older the poppies change colour and release their seeds. Hopefully there will be more painting and drawing to come.

poppy seed-heads

Poppy seed-heads standing in row.

Day 25, octopus. (See top image) I’ve wanted to draw an octopus for ages. I used salt for the texture of the skin and it worked much better than I thought it would. This one made me happy.

Day 26, goldfish. I love painting goldfish but they always seem to look so surprised.


Two little goldfish

Day 27, experiments. I was playing with colour and texture (using salt again) not beautiful but some interesting results to carry forward at a later date.

poppy seed-head experiments

Some poppy experiments, I liked the salt effect in the background.

Day 28, hollyhocks I’ve planted hollyhock seeds before, the slugs thanked me for the meal I’m sure! This year I bought a plant, just the one, to see if I could keep it alive. It does have lots of holes in the leaves but now it’s bigger it has a little more resistance. I’m enjoying finally getting to paint it.



It’s been a bit hit and miss this week, on the whole I liked the paintings I made but I think I made some of them harder than they needed to be. I suppose that’s the challenge isn’t it. Hopefully I’ll learn something from the process.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Note: This is a challenge set up by Doodlewashe’s Charlie shields. He has details of the challenge and you can donate money or art supplies to the Dreaming Zebra charity supported by the challenge

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