The End Of World Watercolor Month 2019

giant atlas moth watercolour painting

Giant atlas moth watercolour painting

Hi there, how are you?

It’s August; world watercolour month is over for another year, and for everyone participating, we made it peoples, whoot!

These are the last few paintings of the challenge.

Day 29 Giant atlas moth. I found a book of butterflies at home and decided to paint some. I’m not a huge fan of moths but this one is quite spectacular. Having said that I’d probably run a mile if I saw one hehehe.

Day 30 Tiger moth, I thought I would have picked lots of pretty butterflies from this book but I seem to be drawn more to the moths, very strange.

tiger moth watercolour painting

Tiger moth watercolour painting

Day 31 Hollyhock, the hollyhock is still going strong. We’ve had persistent rain and wind and it’s starting to look a bit bedraggled but at the time of painting it was looking pretty fine.

hollyhock watercolour painting

Hollyhock flowers painted in the garden.

Butterfly, it’s not a super colourful one, I just liked the photo. I’d painted this one in august but I’m using it to fill in for some of the paintings I had missed.

butterfly watercolour painting

Butterfly watercolour painting

August 1st is Pinch punch post day (a monthly twitter challenge) and this month’s theme was dolphin. I’m happy that I remembered to paint it in time.

dolphin watercolour painting

A dolphin watercolour painting for pinch punch post.

I was unsure as to whether I wanted to join in this year but as always once I got started I enjoyed making a little painting every day, there are even one or two I’m quite proud of. I enjoyed working on watercolour paper every day and noting all the differences with the way I would normally work.

I did miss my sketch book a little. The paper is so smooth and I feel totally free using it with any media. It makes me wonder whether I should try hot press paper, maybe another experiment for another day but something to think about.

just in-case anyone’s interested here are the links to this years paintings or you could check them out on Instagram.
week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Note: This is a challenge set up by Doodlewashe’s Charlie shields. He has details of the challenge and you can donate money or art supplies to the Dreaming Zebra charity supported by the challenge, I’m sure that even though the challenge is done this year they would still take donations.

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