Inktober 2019

1 warthog pig inktober

1. warthog, pig theme for pinchpunchpost and day one of Inktober

Hi there, how are you?
It’s October again, or should I say Inktober. The time we break out the pens and ink for 31 days of inky art making.

Here’s a link to information on inktober and what it is all about.

I wasn’t sure at first what parameters (goals) to set. I have to give myself something to aim for or practice, I’d probably give up halfway through otherwise.
Last year I learned Chinese brush painting and really enjoyed it.

There was a roll of brown paper (they use rolled up brown paper inside rolls of wrapping paper these days and not giant tubes) I’d been saving for who knows what so I’ve cut it into A5 ish pieces to try and work out drawing on toned paper. It seems to be better quality than the craft paper I have and up to now none of the ink or pens I’ve used has bled through the page. Alcohol ink seeps through everything so I’ll use these sparingly.

1. (Above) warthog – this is a bit if a two-fer, October 1st is pinch punch post day (a twitter monthly challenge) so I combined it with Inktober, the theme was pig, I love all kinds of pigs so I drew a warthog. He even has a little bit of scenery.

2. humming bird – a little humming bird about to fly away. I tried to add a touch of colour with some aqua pens, meh. I do like the branch.

2 humming bird inktober

2. humming bird

3. I’m not using any prompts in particular but I saw a prompt list called #inkredible_inktober by @plushbrush @ohn_mar_win @jendixonarts @bearbellproductions @marienoellewurm⁠ on instagram. The third prompt on the list was berry picker and I instantly thought about a little mouse eating blackberries.

3 berry picker inktober

3. A little mouse picking blackberries.

4. turtle – this is a black breasted leaf turtle, they could fit in the palm of your hand and they’re so cute. I drew it from photos I had taken at the zoo.

4 black breasted leaf turtle inktober

4. A black breasted leaf turtle.

5. morel mushrooms – all the holes and crevices were fascinating to draw.

5 morel mushrooms inktober

5 morel mushrooms.

6. lotus seed pods – I started to play more with a white gelly roll pen here and even tried a little shading. I’m liking the effect.

6 lotus seed pod inktober

6. lotus seed pods

The brown paper takes a bit of getting used to, I like the effect others are able to get.  I’m hoping that using it every day for a month will give me a better understanding of how it works.

The first week is done three more to go, let’s see if I can manage the whole month.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

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