Inktober 2019 Week 2

7 Octopus

7 Octopus

Hi there, how are you?
Another week of inky drawings on brown paper.
It’s been interesting so far, where do the dark darks go and just how much white is too much? I used a grey pitt pen for some of the shading and hatching for other bits.

1. octopus – (above) swimming in the water, I might have gone a little mad on the white gell pen here but overall I like it

2. frogs – blue poisoned dart frogs to be exact, beautiful and deadly. They looked a little sad sitting on the page so I gave them a background and rocks to sit on.

8 Blue poisin dart frogs

8 Blue poisin dart frogs

3. fish – high-fin cardinal fish are so pretty in aquariums, all of the white parts glow in the tank lights.

9 Highfin cardinal fish

9 Highfin cardinal fish

4. turkey – not the most beautiful birds to draw but definitely one of the more interesting. I used the official prompt “pattern” for this one with all of the fancy feathers.

10 Turkey pattern

10 Turkey ( prompt pattern )

5. crab – I’m not sure what type of crab this is, In the photo it was purple and very pretty.

11 Crabby

11 Crab

6. next – (move along please nothing to see here) I made a birthday cake and card on this day and there was no day left over for inktobering  *sad face*

7. sparrow – I do love a sparrow and the photo of this one was so cute. also we had been out for the younglings birthday dinner and eating afore mentioned cake (yummm)

13 Sparrow

13 Sparrow

So that’s how inktober is going at the moment. I’m not stressing over the missed days, if I have time I may make the numbers up or not, its still good practice either way.

I’m not following prompts, unless they fit in with the things I’ve drawn but it is fascinating to see how other people have interpreted the prompts in their own interesting and out of the box ways.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Note: If you want to know more a link to information on inktober and what it is all about is here.

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