Lots Of Little Birds

Week three 2nd page.
Week three 2nd page. Too pink?

Hi there how are you?

What a week! I’ve been concentrating on the course I enrolled in (create collections by Victoria Johnson)

It doesn’t look like much but that one pink page has taken all week too put together.

I drew all the bits and they were placed in photoshop. I think I spent far too long in front of a computer this week.

I’ve painted a few other blue tits along side this one, not sure they will be used in this class yet so I’m going to wait and decide nearer the end.

I’m still not sure about the colour, it’s a little bright. I’m sure some one will have some kindly advice and I’ll be able to fix it later.

To get away from the computer I painted some little watercolour birds. I’m trying to be a little more illustrative, I think. Normally I paint or draw what I see, more the way the little blue tit is painted above, and I suppose I’m taking inspiration from the other artists in the group and trying something different.

Where ever will it end!

little bird 1
little bird 1

They were based on photos on pinterest but didn’t copy them but “took inspiration” and changed the colours. I think the background colour needs to change a bit because they’re all a bit bland, maybe if I get time I’ll have another play with them.

little bird 2
little bird 2
little bird 3
little bird 3

I have more pages and even patterns to make next week so no playtime for me if I don’t get my homework done hehehe

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

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