Inktober 2020 5th And Final Week

java green magpie
25 Java green magpie

Hi there, how are you?

Well we’re finally at the end of Inktober, whew! To be honest I didn’t have much of a plan this year other than to use my new ink and some of the ink pens I have in my pencil case.

I have been drawing lots of flowers this year so I wanted to include them in the drawings in some way.

I didn’t use prompts, it usually takes twice as long to interpret the prompts and do the drawing. I was just going with the flow, following where it takes me and that was the plan.

Day 25 – magpie. (above) This is a Java green magpie, they’re endangered and very shy but I managed to take one or two ropey photos of them at the zoo last year. They have bright green and blue plumage with a vivid red beak and legs, so beautiful.

Day 26 – toucan. These always strike me as comical birds. Lots of fun to draw.

26 tucan
26 tucan hopping along the passion flowers.

Day 27 – lily. Drawn from the blue lily photos I took a few years ago. We can’t have lilies any more because the other half discovered he has allergies. “Sad face”. Good job I took lots of photos eh?

27 lilies
27 lilies

Day 28 – honeysuckle. I love honeysuckle in summer, they smell amazing and attract all of the insects.

28 honeysuckle
28 honeysuckle and a butterfly.

Day 29 – Bali mynah, these endangered birds are a beautiful snowy white with blue colouring around the eyes. They’re drawn from photos I’d taken at the zoo last year. They were actually not too bothered by people and happily hopped close by for a good look, probably to see if we had food.

29 bali mynah
29 Bali mynah

Day 30 – sparrow. A sparrow sitting amongst the magnolia flowers. I love sparrows and magnolias.

30 sparrow on magnolia
30 sparrow on magnolia

Day 31 – owl. A little owl surrounded by roses.

owl surrounded with roses
31 owl surrounded with roses

For Inktober I try to keep things very simple, drawing something small every day, that makes it easier to keep going.

Nice to see me listening to my self huh, some of these were a little more elaborate than I wanted but I liked idea and just kept going.

Some were a little rushed or not too well thought out, it just gets posted and hopefully the next day would be better.

I was experimenting with the black frames and circles. Sometimes it looked better sometimes it was too much and it used a lot of ink. I would draw the image scan it then add the frame, it was interesting to see the difference before and after. Sometimes I liked it sometimes not.

I enjoy Inktober, 31 days is a long time though and by the end of the month I was starting to run out of steam. I think once a year is enough for me.

inktober 2020 overview
Inktober 2020 overview

When all of the images are put together they look quite interesting, there’s definitely a style happening there. It’s funny how it just turns up when your not watching hehehe.

For anyone interested in seeing previous weeks Inktober 2020 the links are below

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x


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