Learning About Colour

watercolour anemones
Watercolour anemones

Hi there, how are you?

This week I have been learning about colour. I found a small a week long course about using colour in flower painting by Natasha Gulliford. It was a taster for a masterclass she will be teaching in the coming weeks about licencing flower artwork. I’m not doing that one but I thought as it’s only for a week I’d give the taster a go.

Natasha painted an anemone and I tried to follow along but she didn’t show the reference she used which made it difficult so I found a photo on pinterest and applied the lesson to that flower.

I painted eight or ten anemones most of which weren’t very good, these two above were my favourites.

The blue flower was intended to have a hint of pink, then the paint wooshed across the petal eeek! I put pink all around the flower to even it out.

I like the magnolia, and the scruffy little roses were fun to paint; I had intended the bigger leaves would be much bluer though. Natasha advised me to paint a blue wash over the top, it may work I’ll see how it goes.

magnolia and roses watercolour
Magnolia and roses watercolour

The next two paintings used more of the brighter colours in the palette I’d chosen, yikes!

I was running out of time to finish before the end of the course so the flowers are sort of stylised, plus I know nothing of composition, seriously it’s like building a puzzle. I found a few images and tried to fill my flowers into the spaces, it was supposed to be class about colour not composition thankfully.

colour class chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum painted with watercolour

Peony's painted with watercolour
Peony’s painted with watercolour

This was the mood board I used, I made several. The colours in the centre were picked by me in the computer, the colours across the bottom were generated from a website that picks the most used colours. It was interesting to see what the difference would be.

I don’t usually use colours this bright, I would normally pick something a little more muted. That was the reason I chose this one. To get a little feedback on how to use these colours together.

It’s a little bright for me, I’ll have another look at the palette and see if I can paint something a little less vibrant.

bright mood board
Bright mood board

It’s a bit of a shock after working mainly monotone for October but fun and I learned something.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x


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