Poppy Experiments With Brush Pens

wild red poppy drawn with brush pens

Wild red poppy drawn with brush pens

Last week I drew a poppy with coloured brush pens so I thought this week I would experiment with them a little more.

I like the strong colours but try to layer them up slowly because they can become very overpowering very quickly.

Trying to get the same depth with watercolour pans in difficult, the pigment needs water to move on the paper but water also dilutes the colour too so it’s a bit hit and miss.

Maybe using paint straight from the tube would work better.

wild red poppy

A wild red poppy

There are wild poppies growing in the garden at the moment, they arrived somehow last year and seeded themselves into various pots this year. I’m not complaining, I love to see the bright red flowers wafting in the breeze.

The flowers don’t last long so as soon as I see them I try to sit outside and draw them before the petals drop.

For the shadows in some I’ve used a light mauve colour which really seems to make the red stand out better.

wild red poppies

Wild red poppies

The Californian poppies have also seeded themselves from last years flowers and are looking stunning. These ink pens have worked really well on the yellows, normally I can’t seem to get the depth of colour but by layering up two colours it has worked much better.

californian poppies drawn with brush pens

Californian poppies drawn with brush pens

I really wasn’t sure I liked these pens after buying them but now I think I’m starting to get the hang of them.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

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