Painting Bali Myna Birds On Colour Swatches

bali minah acrylic painting
Bali mynah acrylic painting

Hi there, how are you?

This week I have been painting Bali mynah birds with acrylic paint.

Not my favourite medium really but back in June I took a taster course “Find your Joy” by Louise Fletcher. She uses acrylic paint and I wanted to follow along with the class.

One of the exercises was tapping paper with masking tape and paint with a limited palette of two colours plus black and white.

I chose cad orange, turquoise, buff titanium(instead of white) and black.

Your supposed to splot the paint around making marks and mixing as many colours as you could.

It looks like a hot mess, then when you take the tape off you kind of have small mini abstract paintings, in my case roughly 4”x6”. I have quite a few of these swatches in various colours but with no real purpose so I decided to see if I could use them as the base for some paintings.

colour swatches
Two colour swatches

There were already a few sketches of Bali mynah birds in my sketchbook from last week so I thought since they were white birds I could paint them and still keep within the same colour scheme as the swatch.

I think it all harmonises nicely.

I’m painting from my own photos taken from various visits to the zoo. The bird below saw me taking photos and stared directly into the lens.

His tail is behind somewhere his wings and head feathers are tucked in. This was an unusual position so I really wanted to paint it.

acrylic bali mynah painting
Acrylic Bali mynah painting (I see you)

The youngling took one look and laughed “what even is it, it looks like a ball on legs” seriously! After showing her the photo she agreed it was a difficult position to draw.

To be honest I don’t care because every time I look at it it makes me smile and of the two I’ve painted so far it’s my favourite.

There are still two more swatches left in these colours so I may paint more in the future, it’s certainly better to use them this way than to throw them out.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun

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