Inktober 2021 – Acrylic Ink Week 2

05 fresh honesty 2021 inktober
05 fresh honesty

Hi there, how are you?

Week 2, still doing the Inktobers but not every thing is postable or is the beginning of something and continued the next day.

Honesty 1 – I splashed some ink around to make a background. Earlier in the year I found an honesty plant at the back of the botanical gardens. Every time I visit I take a few photos to sort of document it’s growing season. It has small purple flowers then the pods develop quite quickly.

Backgrounds – experimenting with the ink, dropping colours onto the paper and moving it around. Salt also works on these inks which was a nice surprise. They’re all a bit grungy and drippy but it made some interesting effects.

Honesty 2 – this is the honesty a little later in the season. Love the autumnal colours in this one and the salt effect. It’s one of the backgrounds made earlier in the week.

06 honesty 2021 inktober
06 honesty

Happy frog – I like this little frog, he looks very cheeky. I discovered some of the inks are translucent so don’t cover other colours well. In some parts I tried a little white ink under the colours to make them stand out. Maybe I should have changed his colour to make him stand out more.

07 froggy 2021 inktober
07 happy frog

Sitting frog – another frog; a lot of frogs in my head at the moment apparently. It’s painted on another of the pre-made backgrounds.

08 frog 2021 inktober
08 sitting frog

I don’t think any of these are beautifully rendered but I am learning a lot about the inks properties and hopefully how best to use them.

I haven’t managed posting every day the main problem I have is I need to be sitting at the kitchen table to use them so I can spread out and not have ink spilling everywhere, so everything has to be moved and put away, brought out and set up. It’s quite a palava.

I am looking forward to more experiments next week.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun


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