Faded Roses

rose watercolour sketchFaded rose watercolour sketch

Hello there, how are you?

I love to paint roses but find them difficult due to the many folding and curling petals.

The little rose plant has been flowering quietly to itself for days but didn’t have time to draw the flowers.

I did eventually manage to get outside and sketch it, then I took my eye off them for a day or two and poof, next time I looked there were three hips where flowers used to be.

Luckily I find the leaves and hips just as fascinating to draw as the flowers.

Happy with the rose above as I managed to paint petals and since it was fading slightly, a centre.

Below drawn with ink to place the shadows and watercolour, I’m loving the way the leaves curl.

rose hip watercolour sketch
Rose hip watercolour sketch

Practising ink sketching again, trying to work out how to lay the hatching lines.

rose ink sketch
Rose ink sketch

This last one was drawn with watercolour pencils.

I don’t have too many colours so I drew the leaves and hip out with the pencils laying two or three colours on top of each other. I brushed over the sketch with water then with the brush took a little colour from each pencil tip and mixed them on a palette.

It was easy to glaze one colour over another, something to think about next time.

rose watercolour sketch 2
Rose watercolour sketch 2

Usually there are more flowers in the autumn so I can practice all over again.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. till next time, have fun


3 thoughts on “Faded Roses

  1. Gorgeous! Some flowers can be really hard to paint/draw alright, but you did a great job. I took a picture of some withering flowers in my partner’s dad’s garden yesterday. The intention is to use the shots to practice sketching them and understand them, but I haven’t been brave enough to try yet haha

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