Inktober 2022 week 4

blue crabBlue crab

Inktober 2022 week 4. I Managed to draw something every day this week so am patting myself on the back.

Some of the ideas worked, some are ideas for future me to work on.

1. Crab (above), this turned out a lot more graphic than I intended. The red is really dark which makes the little crab light up

2. Cyclamen, the little plant on the window sill has started to flower again and I couldn’t resist drawing it. It started off as a simple line drawing then after a while I filled the flowers in with some diluted ink.

Cyclamen sketchbook page.

3. Weedy sea dragon, They’re not flashy like leafy sea dragons but they are very sweet little creatures I think this name is very unfair.

weedy sea dragon
Not so weedy sea dragon

4. Mushroom and a snail. I Wanted to draw a mushroom but something a bit different from the usual, then I found this elfin saddle mushroom. (had to look that up) Strange and beautiful.

Could have done with a few darker tones to make It stand out more.

snail & elfin saddle
Snail & elfin saddle

5.Flamingo, very graceful in the air, not so much on the ground but always fun to draw.


6. Emperor tamarin, tiny little monkeys that would fit in the palm of your hand with epic moustaches.

emperor tamarin
Emperor tamarin

7. Guinea fowl, I love drawing these birds. This time I decided to try bleach splattering to make the spots. It’s interesting and kind of works but probably not archival hehehe.

bleach guinea fowl
Guinea fowl with bleach splatter.

I don’t plan Inktober (maybe I should) so this week has gone in some interesting directions, wonder what I’ll draw next?

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. till next time, have fun


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