watercolour rose sketches

Watercolour rose sketches

Hi there, how are you?

The other half bought me a small bunch of roses last week (with no prompting or putting them in the trolly myself) I tried drawing them.

I don’t know why roses are so difficult to draw, for some reason I have a huge mental block when I try.

I’ve been staring and squinting at them trying to work out the shadows and going cross-eyed looking at the many petals.

I drew them out with a pencil then coloured in the shadows with watercolour using the colour of the paper as the highlight. The paper is blue but it kind of works.

The purple rose looks quite dreamy on this paper, I like the effect.

It’s probably the best I’m going to do this time as they’re starting to droop.

blue rose sketch

Blue rose sketch

This is a peregrine falcon, I painted him and placed him on a little card for Fathers day this weekend.

We each made him a card, it’s fun to see the different little artworks on the mantelpiece.

peregrine falcon

peregrine falcon

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Happy Mothers Day Hummingbird Card

hummingbird card

Hummingbird card

Hi there, how are you?

Happy Mothers Day people.

I decided to make a card, with a humming bird and sketched out a couple of ideas in my sketchbook; I liked the little bird on the grass but wanted something more flowery.

hummingbird on grassHummingbird on grass

The flowers I’ve painted were based on quince flowers that are just starting to bloom in the garden. I’m not sure a hummingbird has ever seen a quince flower so call it artistic licence if not hehehe

hummingbird practice sketchHummingbird practice sketch

They’re painted loosely and based on a Chinese brush painting style, I like the simplicity and the way they make every brush stroke count. It also stops me from overworking the painting.

2 hummingbird sketches on quince blossom2 hummingbird sketches on quince blossom

I painted quite a few sketches, they’re all very similar but I liked the image at the top best for the card, the little bird is a little rotund, obviously lots of nectar to eat around there hehehe.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Giraffe Sketches And A Birthday Card

giraffe drawn with brown inkGiraffe drawn with brown ink

Hi there, how are you?

It was the youngest younglings birthday this week, I decided to make him a card.

We all like to make birthday cards for each other; it’s a bit more personal and a whole lot better than the over priced cards in the shops.

I always struggle with guys cards so with much head scratching I thought he might like a giraffe.

I sketched out a few in my sketch book; I concentrated on the heads as drawing the whole giraffe was a little daunting.

giraffe drawn with a brush penGiraffe drawn with a brush pen

I drew them with a brush pen a fountain pen or painted them with watercolour. The paper of the sketch book was a little damaged by the excessive amounts of water and over working but it was enough to give a general idea of what I wanted.

watercolour sketch of a giraffeWatercolour sketch of a giraffe

I picked the one I liked best and traced it onto watercolour paper, maybe you can tell which one I’d chosen. I made the neck a little longer; it is a giraffe after all. The background was a rather pretty blue for the sky but as usual it didn’t scan.

giraffe birthday cardGiraffe birthday card

He liked his card and the cake I’d made in a rough shape of a giraffe (nailed it hehehe) he knew what it was without me having to tell him so I call that a win.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Home Grown Orchids

blue background orchids
orchids on blue background sprinkled with salt.

Hi there, how are you?

Last week I drew some orchids we’d seen at the zoo. This week I’ve been drawing the orchids on our window sill. The white orchid is just coming into flower and I love to draw them when they do.

I’m working in my new sketchbook and testing out the paper so I thought I would see how it does with lots of water.

I know it’s not watercolour paper so some things will work and others not but it’s always fun to try.

I used Payne’s grey for the background then sprinkles a little salt for some texture. The paper curled up so I needed a couple of clips but other than that it wasn’t too bad, I kind of like it.

orchids on blue background
orchids on blue background .

It’s more interesting to draw them from different angles so I turn the plant around as I go.

I decided to try a different colour and used a burnt orange with the Payne’s grey, it got a little muddy but I think I would like to try again and use these colours on watercolour paper.

orchids on an orange background
Orchids on an orange background

All in all some decent experiments this week I think.

Next up we have the valentine’s card I made for the other half. I had tested out some colours in my sketch book (you can see the tests here); this is the card I made with them. I didn’t post the picture earlier because I wanted to surprise him, I think he liked it.

valentines card dancing cranes
Valentines card dancing cranes

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Christmas Robins

robin 2
A robin from my sketchbook.

Hi there how are you?

Christmas is almost here, are you ready? I’m almost there but we still haven’t made any mince pies and Christmas can’t start without them so tomorrow I’m going to have to get my finger out!

I’ve been drawing robins in my sketchbook this week. I try to draw and paint robins every year but usually the end up looking a little “special”. I tried again this year and they didn’t look too bad, (for me that is).

Since they came out so well I painted some little robins on watercolour paper placed them onto some card bases. They’re not amazing but very much better than usual so I’m quite pleased with them.

Sorry the lighting is a bit weird the sun was quite low in the sky; it makes everything yellow and elongates the shadows.

robin christmas cards
Robin Christmas cards

This is the robin I decided to use for the cards. It’s nice to see there was a little improvement from last year; maybe the practice is paying off.

robin 1
A second little robin from my sketchbook.

I’ve made two more little sketchy robins into a pattern just to see how it would look. If anybody would like to use it for their own personal use please do, just click on the image, click again to enlarge, right click and save the image.

If you’re on mobile devices I have no idea how to do that sorry.

robin pattern paper
Robin pattern paper

Happy Christmas every one and whether you’re celebrating or not I wish you all love, peace and joy.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Sketching Owls For a Card

owl fathers day card

Watercolour owl fathers day card.

Hi there, how are you?

I wanted to make a Fathers Day card for the illustrious other half this week. After some consideration I decided I would try and paint an owl, in watercolour so first things first I spent a few days researching and sketching owls in my sketchbook.

I tried some whole owls or as near as I could with the images I’d chosen and drew them lightly in pencil.I then put all of the dark areas with a brush pen. I coloured them quickly in watercolour, testing which colours would work.

sketch great horned owl

A sketch of a great horned owl

sketch great horned owl 2

Another sketch of a great horned owl. I liked this owl but whoa! the colours were all wrong. Still not quite there yet.

I also wanted to try concentrating on just the head and found it created a quite a nice shape on the page plus it still allow for a decent amount of detail.

owl idea sketch

Owl idea sketch. I like the profile of this one.

In the end this was the one I liked best but wasn’t happy with the colours, the burnt sienna was too red and the eye too orange.

practice owl for card

Practice owl for the card. This is the owl chosen for the card.

The colours I used for the watercolour painting were raw sienna, quin yellow with a few flecks of quin burnt orange for the eyes, paynes grey and sepia for all of the dark plumage. I’ve written them down here to remember them, these are not colours I use a lot and I’m sure to forget.

You can see the finished card at the top of the post. I think it turns out OK and more importantly the other half really liked it.

There’s a good chance some of these owls may end up on other cards I make during the year and now the hard work is all done it shouldn’t take too long to do.

Happy Fathers Day people.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Christmas Crafting Begins

santa gnome watercolour

Santa gnome watercolour


‘Tis the season so they say, which means Christmas crafting begins in earnest. I know most sensible people sort this stuff out way back in August, but I just never seem to get round to it that early.

December always creeps up on me, I turn around and Pow, there it is and I’m not ready!
I have too much stuff so I’m trying to use up only things I already have this year.

I found a cute Santa tutorial here and tried a little origami for the tags.

a group of origami santa tags

A group of origami santa tags

I don’t have any two-sided origami paper but I managed to find a couple of red envelopes that were white on the inside. The tutorial doesn’t give a size for the little squares, they’re really tiny so I experimented and decided 1 ½ inches was about the right size.

I made a simple patterned paper on the computer with little baubles and streamers (something chrismassy) and used it for both the tags and the cards further down.
I don’t put ribbons through the tags till I wrap the gifts so I can use something that matches the paper I use.

origami santa tags

Detailed picture of the origami santa tags

I was given a lot of odd shaped card bases a few years ago (6 ¾” x 3″)   so I decided to use these up this year.

Most of the cards I made this year are simple, die-cut, as near to one layer as I can get, they needed to be quick to make and easy to post.

3 die-cut Christmas tree cards

just a few of the die-cut Christmas tree cards made this year,they were all slightly different

The cards were narrow enough that I could place the whole card flat on the plate and cut the tree directly out of the card base; I backed each tree hole with a coloured paper (cream, green or gold) and glued the trees back into the hole. Then it’s just ribbons sentiments and snowflakes, bang, job done.

Last but not least I finally painted some Christmas cards whoot! The winter scene I painted last week made a very nice card, I added a small amount of glitter with a sparkly pen to make it a little more festive.

santa gnome and snow-scene cards

Watercolour Santa gnome and snow-scene cards

This week I wanted to draw/paint a gnome, (no idea why?) I roughed him out in my sketchbook a little to decide how he was going to look then painted him with watercolour on watercolour paper.

I like him, even if he does look more like Santa on his day off than a gnome. He certainly looks OK on a Christmas card.

So that’s the cards written out, the tags sorted and were not even half way through the month yet! oh so organised hehehe.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. Till next time, have fun x

Christmas Cards – Using Stuff Up

christmas aperture card star 1

christmas card with embossing and a star aperture

Hello Peeps, how are you?

It’s that time of year, you know the time of year when everything you do is geared towards one day. This week I have been shopping (on-line), shopping in actual shops, because that’s still a thing and making Christmas cards/tags.

Looking around on the internet I’ve seen people painting lovely watercolours and making them into cards, I thought what a lovely idea, I should do that! Who am I kidding; I would have to start making my cards in august if I wanted to finish before Christmas.

Introducing all the stuff I have made this week. The star card is made with nesting star dies and has a little floating star in the aperture. It’s a 6”x6” card so the top layer was embossed with an embossing then the folder was moved along to emboss the other side, happily it worked quite well.

christmas aperture card star 2

In real life the card is very sparkly and has blue glitter borders. It doesn’t show up, we have very poor light this time of year and even at midday in bright-ish sunshine everything looks washed out.


christmas embossed card snowflake

The gold card bases were given to me, they’re an odd size 6”x3”. The second card in the picture was embossed with a die; I like it more as a die-cut. I had some fancy paper which was a cross between tissue paper and mulberry paper; I used it to back the cut-out, it looks really good when light shines through it.

christmas/gift voucher card roudolf

The reindeer card is made entirely with peel-offs. For some unknown reason I seem to have loads of peel-offs, they need using up. It’s just the right size to place a gift voucher into.


christmas card snowflake small

Another card made with card bases I seem to have acquired these are 6”x4” cards. An embossed panel and die – cut snowflakes, I also managed to use up more of my peel – offs and a small piece of thin ribbon.


die - cut gift tags

Through out the year, when ever we get something in pretty packaging I die cut some tags and put them in a little box. Then when I need tags for gifts they’re cut and ready to use, just pick something that goes with the wrapping paper.

For the main presents this year I thought it would be nice to have die-cut names on the tags to make them a little bit special. I cut each letter three times and glued them on top of each other to give some dimension, then glued the names onto the tags, it’s a bit fiddly but I like the effect. It also used up lots of tidily bits of card I had hanging around.

I haven’t bought any new dies, stamps, card or anything else really this year. I have far too much stuff and really need to use things I already have so that’s what I’ve been doing. To be honest all this making hasn’t really made a dint but I’ll keep going and eventually I’ll get to the bottom of it all.

So, cards done, tags done, vouchers done. Gifts almost wrapped, shopping done, and we still have a couple of weeks left to go, yes! I’m on it this year hehe.

Thanks for stopping by today. Till next time, have fun x