Newts, Testing De Atramentis Ink

sketch of two newts

We took pictures of this newt at the aquarium, unfortunately I didn’t write the name down so I’m not sure what it’s called. They looked quite gray because the lighting was low and very blue.

Hi there, how are you?

For my birthday this year I was given some waterproof ink (so lucky). De Atramentis Document ink to be precise.

I use quink ink in my preppy fountain pen and I can get some cool washy effects with it but it leaks into the watercolour so it’s best for pen and wash or straight line work.

To test it out I drew a little newt and once the ink was dry I washed some watercolour over it. It worked no movement at all.

I found an old fountain pen; the ink inside it had dried out so it needed cleaning. (Note to self, do not take a pair of pliers to your fountain pen when trying to take the nib out! The pen still works but it didn’t do the nib any good.) I am using this for the De Atramentis ink. I now have two fountain pens to draw with hehe, I may have to sort out of my pencil-case soon before it gets too heavy to carry.

two californian newt sketch

These newts are Californian newts.

I like the look of the gray newts, they’re quite sweet. The Californian newts look more salamander-ish to me, maybe it’s the way I drew them. I like the colour of the top newt and the shadow in the bottom newt, it worked out much better than I thought it would.

I really like De Atramentis Document ink, especially for use with watercolour; I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to use.

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The End Of Inktober 2017 Whoot!

#inktober 2017-30-31

The last two #inktober 2017 drawings

Hey ho folks, how are you?

We did it, inktober is over for another year Whoot!
I managed to keep to the prompts for all but one of them because mysteriously I had nothing for that day hehe.

Prompt and interpretations
Day 30 found – as in they found the treasure.
Day 31 mask – a mask

During inktober I have managed to fill up half of a sketch book (or there abouts) 27 pages both sides, normally it takes me four or five months so it has definitely made me draw more. Some of the prompts were a bit random so I was pushed way out of my comfort zone quite a few times which is a good thing I suppose, it does show up the weakness in my drawing capabilities though. Obviously this means I need to do lots more drawing to gain these skills.

I used my dip pens for most if not all drawings and this gave me some things to think about:

    1. I hold a pen far too tightly which inhibits the flow of pen movement, I need to loosen up a bit.
    2. Turning the paper around more means I can produce a smoother line.
    3. Dip pens run out quickly so make sure to dip before putting pen to paper each time.
    4. dip pens are messy, watch out for the splotts.
inktober 2017 mouse idea sketches

This is one of the pages from my sketch book for day 26 squeak. Theyre not finished (some of them are a bit wonky) or coloured in, I just needed an idea of what a mouse looked like. I chose the little black one from the second page, he was kind of cute.

Having to post something every day was a bit scary especially if the thing I’d drawn wasn’t something I thought good enough for posting.

Every day I got to draw lots of things I wouldn’t normally draw.

There was some amazing art made by other people, it’s always enjoyable clicking on the hashtag and finding out how everyone else interpreted the prompt.

I got to use supplies that usually sit in a draw gathering dust and expand my skills.

So was inktober fun? Yes, yes it was well worth the effort. Congratulations to everyone who participated and thanks. You can see all the inktobers here on instagram or wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 here on WordPress

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Inktober 2017 23 – 29 And Some Acorns

inktober 2017 23-29

inktober 2017 23-29

Hi there, how are you?

We’re on week four of inktober, (nearly finished), just two more to go! I’m still sticking with the prompts, which has surprised me as some words were a bit of a struggle. I’m also still using the dip pens although I did change out the nib to a more flexible one. It’s helping with the line variation.

Prompt and interpretations
Day 23 juicy – orange
Day 24 blind – mole
Day 25 ship – an airship
Day 26 squeak – little mouse
Day 27 climb – lizard climbing
Day 28 fall – (autumn) acorns and oak leaves
Day 29 united – a bridge (uniting both banks of the river)


Working out the prompt in my sketch book.

These are some acorns I’ve drawn in my sketchbook as I tried to work out what to draw for day 28 (fall) and decided to colour them in, I’m missing colour at the moment as everything I’m doing is black and white or very limited in colour.


This is the image I chose for the prompt. It looks very different in the picture below in black and white.



If you would like to see all of the inktober’s for this month you can check them out here on my instagram, fluff.n.nonsence

There’s just two days left and then it’s all over for another year so I think I’m going to make it to the end, next week maybe I’ll have a think about what the effects have been and what I’ve learned during the month.

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#Inktober 2017 16 – 22 Trying To Vary The Lines

#inktober 2017 16-22

#inktober 2017 numbers 16-22 indian ink and dip pen.

Hello folks, how are you?

It’s week three of inktober, still sticking with the prompts, and good grief some of them are challenging.

Prompt and Interpretations
Day 16 fat – a caterpillar
Day 17 graceful – swan
Day 18 filthy – muddy boots
Day 19 cloud – stylized cloud
Day 20 deep – bunnies’ deep underground
Day 21 furious – bulls head
Day 22 trail – snail plus trail

There are always one or two each week that I’m not fussed with, either the prompt didn’t excite me or the picture didn’t come out as well as I wanted it to. On these days I have to look back at what I had intended the goal for this month to be. Then I do the picture post it up on instagram regardless of how much I like it, otherwise I’ll drive myself crazy with inner critic issues and nothing will get done!

I had decided I would use my dip pens and ink, these are not tools I’m very familiar with but since I have them I wanted to try to learn how to use them. Normally I draw something in my sketch book and use a brush pen for the lines, then when I’m happy with it transfer the image lightly in pencil to the book I’m keeping all the inktober’s in. They are then inked with Indian ink and a dip pen.

#inktober day 22 trail

Drawn with a pencil. lined with a dip pen and indian ink. Click this picture to view on instagram.

You can see the difference in lines between the brush pen and dip pen in these two snails here, I am getting some variance in line now with a dip pen, it’s not brilliant but it is better, I still prefer the brush pen at the moment.

snail trail sketch

Drawn with a pencil, lined with a brush pen and coloured with watercolour

There’s a little over a week to go now so hopefully we’ll make it through (inspiredtangle and I are doing inktober together)

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Inktober 2017 09-15 & Chamelions

#Inktober 2017-9-15

Second week of Inktober numbers 09th – 15th


Hi there, how are you?

Week 2 of inktober, I always have a hard time with prompts but I have tried to stick to them.

The goal I’ve set myself this month is to learn how to use a dip pen and I have tried to stick to this although there are times I’ve used a brush pen, they’re all posted on my instagram fluff.n.stuff here.

I’ve been having difficulty varying the thickness of the lines; the nib I was using wasn’t very flexible, after changing nibs this seems to be a bit easier and it’s not looking quite as flat.

There’s no great works of art here, just simple drawings and lines so I can concentrate on using the pen properly.

Prompt and interpretations
Day 09 screech – a screech-owl
Day 10 gigantic – giant blue whale in b&w and coloured ink
Day 11 run – chicken running
Day 12 shattered – shattered ice
Day 13 teeming – lots of fish
Day 14 fierce – shark
Day 15 mysterious – chameleon (I couldn’t think of anything for this prompt)

Still sticking to the prompts so far except for 15th when my brain really couldn’t think of anything at all, some of these prompts are so random!

I also drew more chameleons in my sketch book and feeling the need for colour, coloured them in with a little watercolour.

chameleon sketches

Chameleon sketches coloured with watercolour

chamelion & shark sketch

More inktober sketchings of a shark and some chameleons

One thing I find about doing this challenge is the amount of sketching I’ve done working out what I would draw. It has to be good drawing practice if nothing else.

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Inktober 2017 1-8 It Begins

sunnyfae inktober 2017-1-7

Normally I would just do my own thing but this year we’re doing the official prompts. I find the hardest thing about prompts is interpreting them, so if any are too difficult anything goes.

Hi there, how are you?

Lots of drawing and sketching going on around here as we frantically try to make our inktober’s daily arts.

I don’t yet have the drawing skills to do anything fancy and the point of this, for me at least, is to learn how to use the dip pens so I’m keeping the drawings simple.

I have to admit I did use my brush pen for a couple, I was finding it hard to get any variation in line thickness and everything was looking a bit flat. Hopefully this will improve as I go on; part of the solution is recognising the problem.

Prompt and interpretations
Day 1 swift – bird called a swift
Day 2 divided – sun and moon, day and night.
Day 3 poison – snake (I know venomous) close
Day 4 under water – the place to find a nautilus
Day 5 long – giraffes’ have long necks
Day 6 sword – swordfish (plus tiny squids because they’re cute.)
Day 7 shy – tortoise in his shell, he looks more worried than shy hehe
Day 8 crooked – tree, nearly caught me on this one

I love looking around to see how other people interpret the prompts.  You can find all information and official prompts here

If any one is interested in a clearer view you can find them here on my instagram fluff.n.nonsence and inspiredtangle’s are here  (we’re doing it together) it’s always fun to do the big reveal every day and see what the other has come up with.

Week two here we come.

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Inktober And Beautiful Fading Hydrangea


Lots of watery splashes of paint.

Hi there, how are you?

The weather is cooling, the leaves are starting to turn, it’s October! Yes, already. The hydrangea plant in my garden gave some beautiful white flowers this year; now as autumn closes in the flowers start to turn red, yellow and green.

I’ve watched them grow and wondered how I could possibly catch all of this beauty in a drawing or painting. Finally I decided to go for it, before they finish altogether.

hydrangea from instagram

I am quite pleased with how it came out. The colours of the flower heads are so random it seemed the best way to approach it.

I took by paint brush loaded with watery washes of paint, splashed them across the page and let the paper dry. Next after squinting hard picked out what I thought looked like petals with negative painting.

Remember I said it was October? In this house this means Inktober, again. Thought up by Jake Parker here. I did inktober last year for the first time because my daughter decided she wanted someone else to do it with her, she thought we could help each other along and maybe even finish 31 ink arts in 31 days. We did make it to the end, Phew!  You can see my efforts last year on instagram here and my daughters will be here, her stuff is really good (proud Mum hehehe).

prompt swift bird inktober 2017

The first prompt was swift so I drew a bird called a swift (literal I know). A quick outline in pencil then, inked with a dip pen.

I didn’t follow prompts last time, this time I will try to do prompts if I can and if not I’ll do my own thing, as long as I’m using ink I don’t think it really matters.

Last year I had been given a brush pen and used this challenge to learn how to use it, it was a steep learning curve but I really like using it now. This year I want to try to get some use out of my dip pens, with some of the inks I have knocking around the house. I’ll use other pens and brushes too depending what works best.

I’ll probably drive myself nuts again just like last year but it’s always fun at the end to see just how the work improves when you do something every day.

Happy inktober every one, if you’re joining in too, let me know and I’ll try and check you out.

Thanks for stopping by today. Till next time, have fun x

Drawing Yellow Flowers In The Garden

Yellow flower shetches 1

Hi there, how are you?

In the garden we have a bush. It’s very fast growing and from July to mid September it has yellow flowers, they are about 1 1/2″ – 2” in size.

In the autumn I cut the whole plant back down to the ground, then in spring off it goes again trying to take over the garden.

Yellow flower shetches 2I’ve been going out side when I get a free moment and drawing a flower or two in my sketch book with a brush pen and some watercolours.

The anthers in the centre of the flowers were either suggested with a slightly darker wash, painted orange or just drawn in with the pen depending on how I was feeling at the time, they are really an orangey yellow with a yellow cone in the centre.

Yellow flower shetches 3

I don’t know what the plant is called, we just call it the bush with yellow flowers (again my plant knowledge lets me down). It’s pretty to look at, flowers for most of the summer and has been keeping me and my brush pen busy for quite a while, so useful too.


This is a repeat pattern made out of my sketchy little flowers. I was just playing around with the computer to see what would happen.

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