Sketching Poppy Seed Heads In The Garden

poppy plant sketch

This was the last poppies; it was drawn with a fountain pen.

Hi there, how are you?

I’ve been out in the garden again drawing. The poppies are coming to an end so the seed pods have caught my attention. There are poppy seed heads in various stages of decay dotted around the garden, so I take my tiny fold up stool outside and sketch a little whenever there’s time (weather permitting of course)

poppy seedhead sketch

A quick sketch drawn with a brush pen.

I made a real find this week, Usually the seed heads age, dry out, drop their seeds and then blow away in the wind, this year however two of them dropped down amongst the leaves and carried on decaying, leaving me with some poppy seed head skeletons!

skeleton poppy seed head photo

I’ve only seen pictures of these before so to actually hold them in my hand is amazing.

I pulled out my brush pen and drew them from a few different angles. Then I just washed some watercolour over the whole page and picked the lines out with some yellow ochre.

skeleton seedheads sketch & watercolour

I’m not sure whether it’s the colour or the scrappy line work but this one makes me happy.

In other news, we had the great day of cast removal (ooofff) the bones had set beautifully, unfortunately so had all of the stringy bits inside my arm (technical term) due to lack of movement. I spent the last few days bending my wrist back and forth like a rusty hinge trying to get some movement back.

Of course the best form of exercise is just to use it so I did some more drawing hehe.

Ageing poppy seed heads, micron pen and watercolour.

Ageing poppy seed heads, micron pen and watercolour. Getting a better grasp of the brush with my fingers.

skeleton poppy seed head sketch 2

Skeleton poppy seed head drawn from different angles.

These two were pencilled in first and drawn over with a micron pen. I did a better job of colouring these last two in, probably due to the fact I could actually move my fingers to hold a brush properly.

All in all another interesting week.

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Wild Flower Studies

wild poppy in a pot

Poppies and wild flowers hanging over the edge of a pot

Hi there, how are you?

I planted loads of wild flowers in the garden this year, they didn’t grow, except for one small pot. It’s doing quite well though. There are poppies and some yellow ones that didn’t last very long but were very pretty, also something with lots of little clusters of white lowers. (My extensive knowledge of flower names hehe.)

They were hanging on the side of the pot and I liked the straggly shapes of the stalks with the bottom flower hanging down over the side so I sat in the garden in-between rail showers and drew a little sketch.

Both of these sketches were drawn with a fountain pen and I was worried the ink would smudge all over the place so I kept the watercolour away from the edges as much as possible.

honesty sketch

A sketch of some honesty seed pods

In the car park near the supermarket I spotted some honesty. I love the papery seed pods of honesty; I took a small stalk and brought it home. Don’t worry it has many seeds to reproduce itself and make new plants next year and I’m thinking since growing flowers is not my thing maybe I’ll plant some weeds. Hopefully the slugs won’t find them so tasty!


honesty seedpod instagram

Click on the picture and it will take you to my instagram page. Swipe for the other images.

I took a few pictures and realised they are so colourful, not just brown but yellows, reds, greys and greens.

My little sketch doesn’t really do it justice but I have it in a jar on the windowsill so I’ll have another go and maybe see if I can do a little watercolour.

There’s always beauty to be found when you least expect it.

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Drawing Flowers

fallen poppy

This little poppy had fallen in the wind but it was hanging on as best as it could.

Hi there, how are you?

We still have some poppies in the garden at the moment. I actually planted whole swathes of wild flowers this year hoping for a lovely garden full of colour. The slugs thanked me for the feast by eating them as they came through!

I still have a few poppy plants left so I decided to draw some of the flowers to celebrate their dedication and perseverance he he.

I’ve drawn the first one with a pentel brush pen with my right hand (things are improving) it’s loosely coloured in with watercolour.

tall thin poppies

This one is me just flicking paint onto the page with a brush. The one on the left was a bit wind-blown and did really look like that.

daisy line drawing

We saw some tall wild daisies on a walk down a country lane.

I love the simplicity of daisies but can be difficult to work out all the petals sometimes. I didn’t colour them in because they were drawn with a fountain pen and the ink runs with water.

I like to draw with pens because it stops me getting too fussy. If I start outlining things in pencil first I seem to spent most of my time rubbing out and trying to perfect things, with a pen the line is down and I just have to move on.

I’ve been using the brush pen quite a bit lately. The lines seem to flow beautifully and can produce a lovely variety of lines.

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Sketching Collected Treasures

pine cone sketches

Pine cones, drawn with a fountain pen. The ink was pulled out with a water brush.

fir cones sketches

Fir cones drawn with a micron pen and coloured with watercolour.

Hi there, how are you?

Sometimes when I go out walking in the woods I find some small thing and bring it home.
In the autumn I had collected some pine cones and fir cones I decided to have a go at drawing them.

I drew the shapes loosely with a pencil then refined the lines with a micron / fountain pen.

Not the easiest of things to draw but I do love a challenge.

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Cyclamen Studies

cyclamen plant

This was drawn lightly in pencil and painted with watercolour. I liked the way the patterns on the leaves worked out in this one

Hi there, how are you?

Sitting on my window sill is a cyclamen plant. It’s had so many near death experiences, but it’s a fighter and just when I think “that’s it I’ve finished another plant off”, back it comes.

I’ve been looking at it for a while trying to work out where I should start, in the end I just picked a shape and worked everything out from there.

Cyclamen flowers are a little strange because the flowers seem to be inside out and upside down. I think the best way to see them is by looking at them as abstract shapes and literally drawing what you see without thinking petals etc.

Some are drawn with a micron pen others with a fountain pen smudging the ink out with a water blush. For some I tried to make the shapes with watercolour and a brush to see if I could figure the shapes out.

cyclamen sketch

A quick sketch in watercolour just trying to work out the shapes with colour.


I started off trying to paint in the shapes. I realised it was going nowhere and switched to a fountain pen which worked a lot better.


The flower heads were drawn with a micron pen (possibly an 0.8 the numbers have worn off!) and coloured in with watercolour.

There are only about four flowers on the plant, I turned the pot around to see them from different angles. Some worked better than others but they are fascinating to draw and when the next wave of flowers come through I will have another go at drawing them.

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watercolour snowdrops sketch

A little sketch drawn in pencil and coloured with watercolour.

Hi there, how are you.

It happened. On a walk in the woods we saw Snowdrops! Yes they’re out whoop!

This always makes me happy, it’s a reminder that the days are starting to get longer and spring is on its way. I took some pictures and we headed home into the warm. It’s not quite spring yet.

3 snowdrops

Another little sketch. It’s a bit wonky in places but I kind of like the shapes.


snowdrops in pen and ink

A page of little studies drawn with my fountain pen.

I was trying to work out the shapes and angles, pen and ink is the best way for me to concentrate on shapes rather than colour. I find that if I draw things with different mediums and methods it sticks in my head better, plus its fun so why not?

I’m seeing snowdrops all over the place at the moment so there will probably be many more little sketches of snowdrops to come.

Do other parts of the world have snowdrops? If not what are the flowers you look forward to seeing this time of year?

Thanks for dropping by, till next time, have fun x

A Walk In The Park.

birch tree shetch

A sketch of a birch tree drawn during a walk in the park.

Hey there, how are you?

This week we had a lot on our minds; it’s so hard to make decisions when there is too much noise in your head. We decided the best way to clear our minds was to go for a walk in the park and since we both had our sketch books with us (you never know when you’ll get a little patch of time) we would draw the first thing we saw.

The first thing we saw was a squirrel. Pffft, those things are far too nippy there was no way to keep up with them, plus we hadn’t brought any peanuts with us to slow them down.

We saw an interesting looking tree. It was a birch tree I think (I know nothing about trees) it had the white bark and all the dark lines and markings, we stood against the next nearest tree and started to sketch.

I used my new preppy fountain pen, the tree was pretty much monotone in colour and I wanted to use my water brush to move the colour and blur some of the pen marks out. I started at the base of the tree and worked my way up as far as the paper would let me.

It was late afternoon and after half an hour or so the light was starting to dim, we couldn’t see too well now and were starting to make things up so we stopped and went home.

All the things we had on our minds had disappeared and for half an hour we were lost in the moment of just drawing a tree. It’s so much easier to think when your mind is clear.

I like the way it turned out, it really does look like the tree we saw and I really love the marks the pen makes.

Thanks for stopping by today. Till next time, have fun x


Christmas Roses, The Sequel.


A small watercolour painting on a watercolour postcard.


Hi there, how are you?

This week I have been feverishly drawing my Christmas rose, trying to capture each flower before it drops off. I’ve tried sketching, drawing and painting them on various types of paper, just experimenting to see what works for me.

First I used watercolour, I was trying to do the negative painting thing where you paint around the flowers and paint in the shadows. I like how it turned out but It looks a lot better in person.

It was painted on a watercolour paper postcard. I’m not sure where they came from but they are ideal for small studies and when I have finished I could even post it to someone. Maybe have to seal it first though.

Christmas rose sketch 2

Watercolour painted into my sketch book.

Watercolour in my sketch book was not as good. This paper is not good for watery washes. Again I was trying to paint around the flowers and it sort of worked. The pencil didn’t show up in the scan again so it looks a bit washed out.

christmas rose on brown paper packaging

A Christmas rose painted onto some brown packaging paper.

I wanted to try toned paper thinking the white flowers would show up better but I don’t have any so I used a piece of brown packaging.  ( you could have ironed it first mum!  Meh.) I used Chinese white watercolour paint mixed with the other colours so effectively turning it into a kind of gouache. I like the effect maybe I’ll invest in a small toned pad eventually.

For Christmas I bought myself a new pen. It’s a platinum preppy, they’re very cheap fountain pens and I wanted to see if I could draw with one. I’ve see other people draw with lammy’s etc but they’re a bit on the expensive side. I’ll wait till I learn how to use one.

I really like it, the ink cartridge holds a water based ink and if you touch it with a water brush the ink bleeds into the water. These last three pages were drawn with this pen and I love that if I just touch the edge of a petal and drag it in the ink looks like the little shadows on the flowers. Have to be careful though or it will turn into an inky blobby mess.

Christmas rose sketch 3

Sketching with a fountain pen. The greens were a little acidic here.

Christmas rose sketch 3

Christmas rose sketch 3 I like the green leaves better in this one.

Christmas rose sketch 5

Christmas rose sketch 5. Go big or go home ha! the shadows on the petals work nicely in the top flower.

Well this plant turned out to be the best Christmas gift ever! Thanks mum.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x