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Hey there, how are you.

I had been asked to make two small drawstring bags for the Other Half. He was playing a game and needed something to shake dice in that was also big enough to put his hand into and take said dice out again.
I didn’t have any thing suitable in my normal stash and had to look else where for fabric.
Eventually I spotted a small pile of T-shirts on their way to the recycling pile. I picked out two with designs that would suit the game he was playing and cut a wide rectangle from each.
T Shirt UpcycleSewing jersey fabric is not easy because of the stretchiness of the fabric. I dont have an overlocking machine and using a straight stitch doesn’t allow for any stretch in the fabric.

I do have an overlocking stitch on my sewing machine though so that is what I used for the seams, then trimmed a few millimetres away from the seam edge with some sharp scissors.(I could have sewn over the raw edge but sometimes I find it puckers and pulls too tight giving it a very untidy appearance.)

The seam on the dragon bag was placed in the middle back because I wanted the whole dragon sitting on the front of the bag. The robot bag was at the side, the design looked much better this way.
Dice Bags 2bDice Bags 1b







After lots of messing about I have finally mastered the buttonhole foot and can now make lovely automatic buttonholes. Whoot whoot! (this has taken me almost ten years to master!) I put one buttonhole into each side to take the string before using the overlocking stitch for both turning down the top and as decoration on the outside.

I didn’t have any ribbon or cord for the strings so I cut two 1/2 inch strips from each T-shirt and pulled them lengthwise till they curled around each other then stitched across the top using a wide zigzag stitch. This made a nice cord strong enough to be pulled and with enough give in it to prevent any breaking. There is a small knot at the end of each to secure them.

I know these are just two simple bags but I have learned quite a bit about working with stretchy jersey fabrics and boosted my confidence along the way. (also I learned to use the dreaded buttonhole foot)

Thanks for stopping by. Till next time have fun x