Runner Beans

runner bean flowers colour

Runner bean flowers

Hi there, how are you?

This week I have spent some time relaxing and drawing in the garden (like there’s any where else to go at the moment hehehe)

In the spring I planted runner beans and lettuce, (all were eaten by the slugs *sniff*) so I took a few pots and planted beans on the kitchen window.

my runner bean flowers has been eaten!

My runner bean flowers has been eaten! this one was drawn as the first beans had started growing. they didn’t last much longer.

Due to the current pandemic all lettuce seeds were sold out, we’ll have to eat shop bought lettuce like every one else. *sad face*

I planted the new seedlings out in a large pot with stick to tie them into as they grew and every night I went out with a torch to pick off the raging hordes of molluscs and threw them over the fence. (no not the neighbours hehehe, the patch of trees at the end of the street.)

some watercolour runner bean flowers

Some watercolour runner bean flowers and a little gouache.

They’re dwarf runner beans so they don’t grow too high but the beans are normal size.

There were lots of flowers pretty quickly and I had high hopes of eating some early beans. Alas all of the flowers pinged off.

They did keep producing flowers though and now finally we have beans!

runner beans, whoot!

Runner beans, whoot! drawn with a fountain pen with coloured pencils.

Lots of tiny runner beans and one or two that look like they need picking and eating, (soon my pretties).

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Gouache Flowers

pink hibiscus flowers

Pink hibiscus flowers

Hi there, how are you?

It’s been a week phew!

Last week I was supposed to be drawing tropical flowers for Victoria Johnson, explore florals, I like tropical flowers so no problem eh?

I drew and painted loads and loads of flowers and leaves, looked at it all and decided I didn’t like any of it. Then started again.

Gouache had been suggested in the class notes so I broke out the gouache and painted some hibiscus flowers.

After my little melt down I sat outside in the garden for a while drawing flowers. There is a nasturtium growing in a pot by the door, grown from a seed off last years flowers and made a quick drawing with some watercolour brush pens. These pens work well on this sketchbook paper, the colours aren’t brilliant but it was just nice to sit in the sunshine for a while.

Huge surprise I didn’t make mud! (I usually feel like I’m painting with mud) I tried making some highlights and shadows to give the flowers a little dimension, they don’t look too bad.

nasturtium sketch

Nasturtium sketch

Back to the class work, I painted a monstera leaf and needed something else to fill it out a bit. Nasturtiums are tropical right? Lucky I had a nice drawing in my sketch book hehehe. I re-drew the nasturtium and painted it in gouache too.

hibiscus-flower in cream & navy

Hibiscus-flower in cream & navy

They were all cut out in the computer and put together into a little poseyish thing. The blending modes are a quick way to change the colours up. Next to make some patterns.

stripey pattern

Stripey pattern

same pattern two colour ways

Same pattern two colour ways

I think I like them, I’m not sure but I learned stuff and completed the week, even if it was a little late.

Hoping for something easier next week.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Fuchsia Flowers, Not As Tasty As You Think

fuchsia sketch(watercolour and gouache)

Fuchsia sketch (watercolour and gouache)

Hi there, how are you?

A month or so back I bought two little fuchsia plants from the supermarket, (it’s the only outing we have at the moment besides a walk.) They were very small pots about the size of a plastic drinking cup.

One plant is a trailing variety (I’ll need to find a way to raise it up somehow to keep the flowers off the ground) the other says its hardy, we’ll see if that’s true in time.

I potted them into bigger pots to give them room to grow, they are now are much bigger and producing lots of lovely flowers.

The big news is that slugs and snails are not eating them, whoot! They’ve been in the garden over a month and not so much as a nibble.

The weather has been rubbish, baking hot sun that left us melting into little puddles and rain with a side of thunder storms.

watercolour fuchsia sketch

Watercolour fuchsia sketch

Ive nipped outside when I could to quickly sketch my new flowers.

These are a bit scrappy, mainly studies to get used to the shapes and give a general idea of the colours.

I was using watercolour with a spot of gouache, fighting away with it then I found a brush pen in the pencil case, I had forgotten how much fun using this pen was.

fuchsia sketch with brush pen

Fuchsia sketch with brush pen

After scanning them into the computer I thought some of the flowers might make a fun pattern so I cleaned them up and made a doodly fuchsia pattern.

doodly fuchsia pattern

Doodly fuchsia pattern

This is a sketch of something I’m working on. The idea is to work out the fuchsia flowers then break out the watercolour paper and paint them with maybe this little guy.

hummingbird brush pens sketch

Hummingbird brush pens sketch

Its a work in progress at the moment, in my head it looks pretty good, we’ll see if reality matches the idea though hehehe.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x


watercolour rose sketches

Watercolour rose sketches

Hi there, how are you?

The other half bought me a small bunch of roses last week (with no prompting or putting them in the trolly myself) I tried drawing them.

I don’t know why roses are so difficult to draw, for some reason I have a huge mental block when I try.

I’ve been staring and squinting at them trying to work out the shadows and going cross-eyed looking at the many petals.

I drew them out with a pencil then coloured in the shadows with watercolour using the colour of the paper as the highlight. The paper is blue but it kind of works.

The purple rose looks quite dreamy on this paper, I like the effect.

It’s probably the best I’m going to do this time as they’re starting to droop.

blue rose sketch

Blue rose sketch

This is a peregrine falcon, I painted him and placed him on a little card for Fathers day this weekend.

We each made him a card, it’s fun to see the different little artworks on the mantelpiece.

peregrine falcon

peregrine falcon

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x


watercolour peony

Watercolour peony

Hi there, how are you?

A small bunch of peony buds found their way into my shopping basket this week so I decided they would be my painting models for the week.

The peonies below are painted on A6 sized pieces of paper. They were my first little practices. I have a few reds and pinks and wasn’t sure which one to use, after painting these I realised the pink leaned too far to blue and wasn’t really working with the red of the calyx’s.

watercolour peonies on A6 paper

Watercolour peonies on A6 paper

In the end chose a warmer pink (permanent rose) this is a better match to the flowers; still not sure about the green, I’ll try something else next time.

When you buy the buds they are like small pom poms, then as they unfurl the flower opens up to reveal sooo many petals. It’s very easy to get lost in the shapes.

watercolour peony and buds

Watercolour peony and buds

I’m hoping to see the flower centres before the outer petals wither away, they usually don’t appear till the flowers start to wilt because the petals are packed so tightly.

watercolour peony

Watercolour peony

There are only five flowers in the bunch and they are opening at different rates, I just paint the flowers that interest me at the time then turn the vase to draw a different angle.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Red Poppies

watercolour poppy

Watercolour poppy

Hi there, how are you?

After last weeks bit of excitement I stayed out of the garden till I was sure the little birdies had gone, I didn’t want to disturb them any more than I already had.

Then I got down to drawing the poppies again. They don’t last long so I needed to get a move on.

I did a few colour studies to test out the reds in my pallet. I do have a red, it is a cheap no name brand that seems to be quite opaque, not really what I was looking for. The others are on the pink side so I have mixed the red with the pinker tones and it seems to be working.

I could probably use yellow but that’s opaque too so I’ll stay with what I have for now. It’s not perfect but it will do for now till I can find a better mix.

testing reds for poppies

Testing reds for poppies

It’s been a bit windy this week so the petals are flapping around a lot, I tried to remember the position and put the paint down, there wasn’t really time to use a pencil line first.

Some flower heads trying to be quick as the petals flutter about.

3 poppy heads

3 poppy heads

This is a sketch book page. The watercolour doesn’t like this paper and the paper doesn’t like the watercolour so, not one to be beaten I just smoosh it about until it sticks. For all its faults I really like the way this turned out.

poppies, quick sketch

Poppies, quick sketch

Apart from the sketch book page these are all painted on watercolour paper, I painted lots, some worked and some not so much. The fun was mainly in the painting really, not just the end result.

It’s only one plant but it has lots of flowers and buds and as the wind catches it they make some very nice shapes, these were a few I managed to capture.

watercolour poppy studies

Watercolour poppy studies

The petals are have now blown away leaving their tiny pods, I will cut these off as there are lots more buds and flowers to come.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Sunny Poppies And A Tiny Visitor

poppy drawn with fountain pen

Poppies drawn with a fountain pen

Hi there, how are you?

This week I have mostly been drawing poppies. I can’t resist, no matter where I see them I have to draw them (or take photos to draw later hehehe)

I drew some out in fountain pen and ink, I think it was green ink, it’s very dark so it’s hard to tell. I like the shapes the stringy little stems make.

We had one or two Biro’s sitting on the table, (probably something the other half brought home from work) red, blue and black, I thought it would be fun to sketch a poppy with them. This kept me quiet for a good half hour, all of those little folds and creases very relaxing and interesting to draw.

poppy drawn in biro

A poppy drawn in biro

This poppy was drawn with a fine liner and coloured with distress markers, I found them in a draw and am trying to use them up. The highlights are white jell pen.

red poppy coloured with distress markers

A red poppy coloured with distress markers

This is the point where all poppy sketching stopped. Whilst I had been drawing I’d heard a high pitched peeping but thought it was one of the many birds fluttering around the garden. I looked down to see a little ball of fluff and feathers padding across the path peeping loudly for mum. What to do!

I called to one of the kids to look at R.S.P.C.A on the internet and we went through the check-list

1 does it have feathers – yes

2 is it injured – no

3 is it in any immediate danger – no, not yet?

It was possibly a fledgling, I hadn’t realised they left the nest so soon, the advise was to wait up to two hours to see if mum comes to feed it. two hours! We backed away, took all our stuff inside and waited.

Five or six minutes later mum flew down with a feed and lots of cheapage. The little ball of fluff padded under cover at the back of the garden, luckily I haven’t gotten around to weeding back there yet so it had lots of cover.

baby blue tit (fledgling)

A baby blue tit (fledgling)

I’d taken a quick photo whilst waiting for the kids on the internet, I just had to draw it to keep the memory. He looks quite peeved here hehehe

Next day I heard high pitched peeping again but couldn’t find it, too well hidden. It’s the most excitement we’ve had all week.

No doubt there will be more poppies next week, hehehe

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x


buttercups watercolour and ink

Buttercups drawn with a fountain pen and watercolour

Hi there, how are you?

There are buttercups everywhere at the moment. Last time we had a walk I picked a few and when we were home I put them into some water.

I’ve spent some very happy hours drawing them.

I started out drawing them with a fountain pen, the intention was to use watercolour but the ink ran and as you can see in the first flower, the paint beaded up so I just pulled out some of the ink a water brush to shade the leaves.

This page was drawn with a fine liner, I like the ink in fine liners but I wish lines had more variation, at least the ink didn’t run as I scrubbed the watercolour in. Some of the flowers were a little past their best by this time and they made some very interesting shapes.

buttercups watercolour and fine liner

Buttercups watercolour and fine liner

I vectorised one of the buttercups in illustrator, I like playing around with this program but everything I make looks so very flat so I was trying to give it a little more “personality”. It looks a lot more interesting, less polished, a little more like a drawing. I may play with it a bit more in the future.

buttercups illustration

An illustration made with my buttercups

Since the single flower turned out so well I vectorised some others and made them into a pattern this time using buttercup colours. I didn’t have many flowers vectorised so I used solid shapes to fill out the pattern

buttercup pattern

Buttercup pattern

Buttercups are such cheerful flowers they always make me happy.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x