World Watercolour Month Second Week

Hi there, how are you?

It’s the second week of World Watercolour Month; I’ve been doing small things on watercolour paper. Some things have been posted and some are shall we say “practice peaces”.  Which ever pile they go to they are all valuable in teaching me the qualities of this particular watercolour paper.

Pink sycamore seeds – plump pink seeds ripening on the tree. They’re really pretty at this stage, it’s funny it’s only since I’ve started drawing that I noticed them at all.

pink sycamore seeds

Pink sycamore seeds

Brown aged, sycamore seeds – these are the seeds I usually notice in late summer or autumn. I run around the garden picking them up so they don’t turn my little garden into a forest!

brown sycamore seeds

brown sycamore seeds, dry and ready to grow.

Rose hip – (Well that green was certainly a poke in the eye!) These are fat juicy hips of the Japanese Rose (Rosa Rugosa) growing wild in a car park near us.

rose hip (Rosa Rugosa)

Rose hip (Rosa Rugosa)

Ginkgo Balboa leaves – painted from a photo I had taken a few years ago. Ginkgo’s have very pretty leaves.

ginkgo leaves

Ginkgo leaves

Yellow rose bud – last year I had a small pot of tiny roses, they don’t normally last but this year one of them decoded to flower again, yay!

yellow rose bud

Yellow rose bud

Simple poppies – we have no poppies this year which is sad but I have lots of photos from last year. I tried to simplify them into a few simple brush strokes.

simple poppies

Simple poppies

Blossom – this is a random blossom from inside my head based on cherry or apple blossom, I wanted to try something with a background colour. It was mixed from turquoise and mauve watercolour and as the paint dried the colours split and granulated on the paper, interesting.

some kind of blossom

Some kind of blossom

I find I am quite slap dash with a paint brush, it’s necessary on my usual notebook paper because it sinks in fast, you have to keep the colour moving to stop the tide lines. The paper also pills with any amount of rubbing so no hanging about.

This is not the case on watercolour paper, I have longer to paint, lift and move paint, and it’s a very different experience.  I’m learning to slow down and use less water on the brush.

I’m enjoying this challenge, the biggest problem so far is figuring out what to paint.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. Till next time, have fun x


World Watercolour Month First Week

Hello people, how are you?

July 1st is the start of world watercolour month; I tried this challenge last year and just over half way through was stopped in my tracks by a broken arm ooof. This year I’m trying again. (Click here to go to doodlewash’s page for details of what, why and where to donate if you want to.)

Truth is I got off to an inauspicious start, instead of painting lovely pictures I sat and filled out a list of colours!

These moon Jellyfish after were fun to paint, I like the way it turned out

moon jellyfish watercolour for world watercolor month 2018

Moon jellyfish watercolour

Hibiscus flower, it became overworked very quickly! “ just need to put the brush down and back away slowly”

hibiscus flower watercolour

Hibiscus flower watercolour

More hibiscus flowers, broke out my very best Saunders Waterford paper for this one. I had been hoarding this tiny piece for ages. First try, ruined it completely ahhh! Turned it over and tried again this time just playing with brush strokes and shapes. This is my favourite so far, no pressure just playing about.

hibiscus flower watercolour play

Hibiscus flower watercolour play

Still playing with the hibiscus flowers. I had a theory that if I painted the same thing over and over I would eventually work it out and get better at it, meh. It was a little better than day two but still missing something.

watercolour of two hibiscus flowers

Watercolour of two hibiscus flowers


This is where I lose the plot and wonder why I’m doing this at all! I had been looking forward to this challenge for ages but I just wasn’t feeling it, then I realised I hadn’t set any parameters like I did in the Inktobers (e.g. use brush pen/dip-pen for all art works) it means that even if the art sucks I’m still working towards improving something. So instead of using my usual sketchbook (cartridge paper), all art is going to be painted on watercolour paper, it will help me to get used to how the water and paint reacts. It will maybe my new go-to paper?

Keep going:
This is my usual style of painting; it is on watercolour paper so everything reacted differently. It felt fresher and I really like the way the brush pen moves across this paper.

watercolour + pen hibiscus flower

Watercolour and brush pen hibiscus flower

There is a lone Californian poppy plant in the garden; it seeded itself from last year. I sat in the garden with my watercolour paper and painted it in the sunshine, lots of fun.

watercolour of Californian poppy

Watercolour of a Californian poppy

I think painting small things and just getting used to the supplies I have is going to build up some of my confidence and skills plus it will be the most fun way to continue.
I’ll post the next seven here next week or you can catch them daily on instagram here.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. Till next time, have fun x

Keep Calm And Carry On 

Hi there, how are you?

A little watercolour of a daisy. Not beautifully formed but the best I can do at the moment.

We’re on holiday this week so this is a short one on my iPod, with borrowed wi-fi.

Thanks for stopping by. Till next time, have fun x

Daisy watercolour

Trying to carry on

#worldwatercolourmonth Week 3 – A Rather Abrupt End

#worldwatercolourmonth week 3

The last three of my watercolour paintings for #worldwatercolourmonth

Hi there, how are you?  Here are the last few paintings for #worldwatercolourmonth. What’s that you say? There are only 3 pictures! Surely there are seven days in a week?

Well yes, you would be right. I was happily painting along and the other half said “it’s a lovely day, let’s go for a walk” We did, and then this happened!!


It’s broken, in two places (because if you’re going to do a job do it right eh).

So endeth my drawing career for a while. The cast (it’s so purple I could hug myself hehe) comes off at the end of august! (no need to feel sorry for me I’m ok, just feeling very foolish right now.)

So to make up for the lack of actual paintings, something I did in my sketch book just before the Ooops.

pineapple sketch

A pineapple! I thought it would be nice to draw it before I cut it up to eat.

I really like how both the sketch and the colour turned out, it looks very pineappley. The thing at the side is one of the “scales?”(I’m not sure if that’s the right name for them. ) drawn slightly larger so I could see what I was drawing.

Above the pineapple is a small bramble leaf I had picked up on a previous walk, i drew it because I liked the colour and wanted to record the find in my sketch book.

So that was an eventful week.

NB: Want to know what World watercolor month is about
World Watercolor Month was founded as a charitable event supporting art education.
Please make a child’s dream come true by donating to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation!
Check it out here at the Doodlewash site

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#worldwatercolourmonth Week 2

#worldwatercolourmonth week 2

Hi there, how are you?

I’ve been steadily plodding on through #worldwatercolourmonth set up by Mr. doodlewash . I’m feeling happier this week pushing through the doubting, gradually working out how everything works.

I seem to be painting mainly flowers; this is because they keep still as they’re being drawn!  I love hydrangea and have been trying to draw them for quite a while. They have been simplified a lot here which I am liking a lot.

If any one wants a better view they are on my instagram account fluff.n.nonsence (can you tell I’m rubbish at naming things?) and here are week 1 posts.

It’s interesting the colours I use most when they’re put together like this. I do have other colours buy these seem to be the ones calling to me at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by today. Till next time, have fun x

#worldwatercolourmonth Week 1

#worldwatercolormonth 2017 wk1

This is the first 8 days of #worldwatercolormonth 2017.


Hi there, how are you?
This week I have steadily been painting a watercolour every day for #worldwatercolourmonth if you would like a better view check them out on instagram here.

I’m painting on 4×4” (approximately) pieces of watercolour paper as a way to get used to using it. There’s no grand epic painting of any kind, more small doodles trying out techniques and getting to grips with how it all works.

My monkey voice inner critic is kicking off big time and I can’t say I’m extremely happy with the results but I’m going to carry on till the end of the month anyway because it can only get better from here.

Actually putting them all together and seeing them like this does make me feel slightly better about them and to be honest I am learning a lot about how the paint works ect. So, put the proverbial monkey in the box, sit on it and carry on regardless me thinks.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my ramblings. Till next time, have fun x

Finding A Tulip Tree

tulip tree flower sketch

A sketch of tulip tree flowers I had found on the ground and taken home to study.

Hi there, how are you?

We were out walking in the park this week and as I looked up into the trees, there it was. I hadn’t seen it before, even though we’d passed the tree a hundred times before.

It is a flower from a tulip tree.  I didn’t even know there were tulip trees so that was a surprise.

I picked up a couple of flowers that had fallen on the floor like the magpie I am, so I could study them a little better and took a few photos on my ipod so I could sketch them later.

tulip tree flower photo side

A tulip tree flower from the side

tulip tree flower photo front

A tulip tree flower pictured from the front

In other news it’s July, and that see’s the start of world watercolour month details here.
there are prompts if you like to use them and there is a charity to support The Dreaming Zebra Foundation. you can find all details on the Doodlewash site

“Don’t miss World Watercolor Month 2017 in July as artists around the globe come together for the ultimate watercolor celebration! 31 Watercolors is 31 Days! Just use the hashtag #worldWatercolorMonth” (from the Doodlewash site)

#worldwatercolormonth Day 1

#worldwatercolormonth Day 1 Starting small, a little watercolour daisy. painting any white flowers is always tricky. more practice needed.


I’m thinking I might try it and see how it goes. Hopefully painting in watercolour on watercolour paper every day for a whole month will give me lots of practice (that’s good for me right?)
So here I go, Happy world watercolour month.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x