Faded Roses

rose watercolour sketchFaded rose watercolour sketch

Hello there, how are you?

I love to paint roses but find them difficult due to the many folding and curling petals.

The little rose plant has been flowering quietly to itself for days but didn’t have time to draw the flowers.

I did eventually manage to get outside and sketch it, then I took my eye off them for a day or two and poof, next time I looked there were three hips where flowers used to be.

Luckily I find the leaves and hips just as fascinating to draw as the flowers.

Happy with the rose above as I managed to paint petals and since it was fading slightly, a centre.

Below drawn with ink to place the shadows and watercolour, I’m loving the way the leaves curl.

rose hip watercolour sketch
Rose hip watercolour sketch

Practising ink sketching again, trying to work out how to lay the hatching lines.

rose ink sketch
Rose ink sketch

This last one was drawn with watercolour pencils.

I don’t have too many colours so I drew the leaves and hip out with the pencils laying two or three colours on top of each other. I brushed over the sketch with water then with the brush took a little colour from each pencil tip and mixed them on a palette.

It was easy to glaze one colour over another, something to think about next time.

rose watercolour sketch 2
Rose watercolour sketch 2

Usually there are more flowers in the autumn so I can practice all over again.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. till next time, have fun


The Last Of The Fuchsia

fuchsia watercolour sketch
Fuchsia watercolour sketch

Hi there, how are you?

Earlier in the week I drew the last of this years fuchsia flowers. Lucky thing really as on Friday Storm Arwen blew through.

We lost a couple of roof tiles, two fence panels and all of the flowers blew off the fuchsia plant. Amazing.

I’d painted the flowers below first, the paper was unforgiving and although it was able to take the watercolour the colours looked heavy and overworked.

Trying again (above) this time I used the watercolour quite dry and painted with a smaller brush than usual, the colours aren’t as overworked and they are truer to the flowers.

I don’t often look inside fuchsia flowers, it was interesting to draw them from that angle, I’ll have to remember to do this more often.

fuchsia sketch
Fuchsia sketch

Drawing with a fountain pen (no pencil guidelines) this was fun, just concentrating on the shapes of the petals. I always find this kind of drawing very meditative. It’s lots of different bits of the plant put together, I think it makes for a cool sketchbook page.

fuchsia drawn with fountain pen
Fuchsia drawn with fountain pen

This is one of the white roses from my bouquet of birthday flowers, it’s long gone now though I did take some photos and I’ll probably dip into them sometimes till spring appears again.

white rose
white rose

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun

Staycation: Sunny Garden Drawings

loose watercolour pink roseA loose watercolour pink rose

Hi there, how are you?

This would have been our holiday week but the way things are right now we just had a few days out and have spent the rest of the time sitting in the garden drawing, so staycation for us this year.

Luckily the weather is lovely and instead of pulling out weeds I am drawing in my little book. The weeds can wait till next week hehehe.

There is a rose at the back of the garden that fancies itself a climber, I don’t have the heart to tell it otherwise so I let it push up through the ivy about 6 foot in the air and it flowers away happily.

I managed not to overwork this rose (above) for a change. Normally I get hung up on the details but this time I put down a wash then put in some shadows and stopped. It made it look a lot fresher. Must try to do this more often.

A few years ago I picked a small piece of iris up from the pavement, someone had been weeding and left a few bits lying on the path; back at home I poked the tiny plants into the garden and left them. Two years later we saw our first flowers.

They have beautiful mauve, yellow and red petals, so unusual and there were several flowers on the stalk each blooming as the previous one wilted.

I drew one with a sepia fine liner which was very meditative and calming. then painted it with watercolour to try and document the colours.

I hope they come back again next year.

iris drawn with sepia fine liner

Iris drawn with sepia fine liner

watercolour sketch of an irisA watercolour sketch of an iris

Poppies are still popping up in the pots. This one was a very interesting shape to draw. The wind had knocked some of the poppies over, this one was a fighter and it started to push it’s way back up towards the sun.

watercolour sketch of poppyieswatercolour sketch of fallen poppies

Our garden is pretty small but thankfully there are enough interesting plants and flowers throughout the year to keep me entertained.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Learning About Colour

watercolour anemones
Watercolour anemones

Hi there, how are you?

This week I have been learning about colour. I found a small a week long course about using colour in flower painting by Natasha Gulliford. It was a taster for a masterclass she will be teaching in the coming weeks about licencing flower artwork. I’m not doing that one but I thought as it’s only for a week I’d give the taster a go.

Natasha painted an anemone and I tried to follow along but she didn’t show the reference she used which made it difficult so I found a photo on pinterest and applied the lesson to that flower.

I painted eight or ten anemones most of which weren’t very good, these two above were my favourites.

The blue flower was intended to have a hint of pink, then the paint wooshed across the petal eeek! I put pink all around the flower to even it out.

I like the magnolia, and the scruffy little roses were fun to paint; I had intended the bigger leaves would be much bluer though. Natasha advised me to paint a blue wash over the top, it may work I’ll see how it goes.

magnolia and roses watercolour
Magnolia and roses watercolour

The next two paintings used more of the brighter colours in the palette I’d chosen, yikes!

I was running out of time to finish before the end of the course so the flowers are sort of stylised, plus I know nothing of composition, seriously it’s like building a puzzle. I found a few images and tried to fill my flowers into the spaces, it was supposed to be class about colour not composition thankfully.

colour class chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum painted with watercolour

Peony's painted with watercolour
Peony’s painted with watercolour

This was the mood board I used, I made several. The colours in the centre were picked by me in the computer, the colours across the bottom were generated from a website that picks the most used colours. It was interesting to see what the difference would be.

I don’t usually use colours this bright, I would normally pick something a little more muted. That was the reason I chose this one. To get a little feedback on how to use these colours together.

It’s a little bright for me, I’ll have another look at the palette and see if I can paint something a little less vibrant.

bright mood board
Bright mood board

It’s a bit of a shock after working mainly monotone for October but fun and I learned something.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Flowers And Rodents

pink roses
Pink roses

Hi there, how are you?

The old blue sketchbook is finished, 150ish pages all filled up whoot! The one good thing about Inktober is it makes me draw a lot more, I have to have a little practice in the sketchbook before making the final drawing.

I’ve looked through the books I have still to use and found a note book with pink paper.

A few years ago the youngling did a little life laundrying and threw a load of note books into the recycling. She didn’t like the paper they were made of. I dragged them all back out much to her disgust vowing to use all of them no matter how bad the paper was. So far I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how useable these notebooks have been.

The paper is still very thin, it has a little more tooth than the blue paper and surprisingly the ink doesn’t leak through the paper (unless I hold the pen there for a long time) so far I’ve tested it on indian ink, fountain pen ink and white gel pen. I doubt watercolour will do well on this paper but I’ll try it out and see before judgement is made.

The roses above were the sketch I used for the last Inktober drawing with the owl. This was the first drawing in the pink book and I really enjoyed drawing them.

For some reason this week I have been drawing small rodents.

First a little mouse staring out into the distance. I wonder what he’s looking at?

mouse looking into the distance
Mouse looking into the distance

I’ve drawn lots of strawberry flowers this week (not shown), I wanted a rabbit sitting amongst the flowers, I don’t think those strawberries will last too long.

I think this needed more darks to liven it up, I just couldn’t work out where to put them. Something to think about in future drawings.

rabbit in the strawberry patch
Rabbit in the strawberry patch

This little mouse looks more shrew than mouse, must be the angle he was sitting. I do like the daisies surrounding him though.

mouse hiding in some daisies
A mouse hiding in some daisies

I’m trying to keep some of the momentum from Inktober but it’s usually difficult for the first week or two as I do feel a bit worn out by these challenges. It doesn’t mean I don’t like doing them, I really do learn so much during the month but it will be nice to slow down a little now it’s over

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Inktober 2020 5th And Final Week

java green magpie
25 Java green magpie

Hi there, how are you?

Well we’re finally at the end of Inktober, whew! To be honest I didn’t have much of a plan this year other than to use my new ink and some of the ink pens I have in my pencil case.

I have been drawing lots of flowers this year so I wanted to include them in the drawings in some way.

I didn’t use prompts, it usually takes twice as long to interpret the prompts and do the drawing. I was just going with the flow, following where it takes me and that was the plan.

Day 25 – magpie. (above) This is a Java green magpie, they’re endangered and very shy but I managed to take one or two ropey photos of them at the zoo last year. They have bright green and blue plumage with a vivid red beak and legs, so beautiful.

Day 26 – toucan. These always strike me as comical birds. Lots of fun to draw.

26 tucan
26 tucan hopping along the passion flowers.

Day 27 – lily. Drawn from the blue lily photos I took a few years ago. We can’t have lilies any more because the other half discovered he has allergies. “Sad face”. Good job I took lots of photos eh?

27 lilies
27 lilies

Day 28 – honeysuckle. I love honeysuckle in summer, they smell amazing and attract all of the insects.

28 honeysuckle
28 honeysuckle and a butterfly.

Day 29 – Bali mynah, these endangered birds are a beautiful snowy white with blue colouring around the eyes. They’re drawn from photos I’d taken at the zoo last year. They were actually not too bothered by people and happily hopped close by for a good look, probably to see if we had food.

29 bali mynah
29 Bali mynah

Day 30 – sparrow. A sparrow sitting amongst the magnolia flowers. I love sparrows and magnolias.

30 sparrow on magnolia
30 sparrow on magnolia

Day 31 – owl. A little owl surrounded by roses.

owl surrounded with roses
31 owl surrounded with roses

For Inktober I try to keep things very simple, drawing something small every day, that makes it easier to keep going.

Nice to see me listening to my self huh, some of these were a little more elaborate than I wanted but I liked idea and just kept going.

Some were a little rushed or not too well thought out, it just gets posted and hopefully the next day would be better.

I was experimenting with the black frames and circles. Sometimes it looked better sometimes it was too much and it used a lot of ink. I would draw the image scan it then add the frame, it was interesting to see the difference before and after. Sometimes I liked it sometimes not.

I enjoy Inktober, 31 days is a long time though and by the end of the month I was starting to run out of steam. I think once a year is enough for me.

inktober 2020 overview
Inktober 2020 overview

When all of the images are put together they look quite interesting, there’s definitely a style happening there. It’s funny how it just turns up when your not watching hehehe.

For anyone interested in seeing previous weeks Inktober 2020 the links are below

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x

Drawings Flowers With A Brush pen

garden rose ink drawing
Garden rose ink drawing

Hi there, how are you?

This week I have been drawing drawing flowers with my brush pen again.

Some from the garden and some from my limited travels.

The drawing above is of the lovely red rose that grows in the garden.

I think it’s the third time it has flowered this year. It never fails to cheer me up, the other half barely notices anything flower related and even he mentioned how beautiful it is.

This second rose was growing in a local park, it was white with deep pink edges. I snapped a photo and drew it later, at home.

ink drawing of a rose
Ink drawing of a rose

On a shopping trip I spotted an orange lily in a pot outside the door, I bought it of course, I couldn’t resist hehehe.

The flowers are so pretty and to date they haven’t suffered much slug damage (always a good sign). I’ve planted it into a bigger pot and hopefully, if it lasts the winter we will have more lovely lilies next year.


I noticed the local botanical garden is open to visitors now and I took myself off for a day out.

Most of the flowers are finished now, there are still some things like hydrangeas and autumn crocus but at this time of year it’s nice to see the seed heads.

The sea holly is so beautiful and is usually a rich blue bit right now they are fading greens and golden browns.

I took a few photos to draw at home. I find their shapes fascinating.

spiky sea holly
Spiky sea holly

I think I would like to try painting some of these flowers these and play around with the colours

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x


watercolour rose sketches
Watercolour rose sketches

Hi there, how are you?

The other half bought me a small bunch of roses last week (with no prompting or putting them in the trolly myself) I tried drawing them.

I don’t know why roses are so difficult to draw, for some reason I have a huge mental block when I try.

I’ve been staring and squinting at them trying to work out the shadows and going cross-eyed looking at the many petals.

I drew them out with a pencil then coloured in the shadows with watercolour using the colour of the paper as the highlight. The paper is blue but it kind of works.

The purple rose looks quite dreamy on this paper, I like the effect.

It’s probably the best I’m going to do this time as they’re starting to droop.

blue rose sketch
Blue rose sketch

This is a peregrine falcon, I painted him and placed him on a little card for Fathers day this weekend.

We each made him a card, it’s fun to see the different little artworks on the mantelpiece.

peregrine falcon
peregrine falcon

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x