Inktober 2020 week 2

05 camellia
Day 05 camellia

Hi there, how are you?

Week two of Inktober done already, this month is going by fast!

I’m still using the same pens and ink; so far everything is looking OK.

I’ve drawn lots of flowers with a few other things thrown in to make it more interesting. I try to keep it simple so I can finish a drawing each day, of course sometimes they get away from me.

Day5 – camellia. (above) I love to see the camellias flowering, it always reminds me that the sun is on its way.

Day 6 – crab. This little guy was very cute but I wanted to draw some kind of beachy flowers to cheer him up. After a quick search I found sea daffodils. I didn’t even know there was such a thing! They were so pretty I decided to draw some just behind him.

06 crab & sea daffodils
Day 06 crab & sea daffodils

Day 7 – bee. A little bee and what I’m calling a cosmos flower. I had taken the photo last year and forgotten to write the name down.

07 bee
Day 07 bee

Day 8 – peonies. I can’t help myself they are so pretty. These peonies are from several photos I’d taken, I was trying to fit them together into some sort of composition.

09 peony
Day 09 peony

Day 9 – frog. I had already drawn a lotus flower on day 1 but wanted to draw another one so I fitted a little frog inside it to change it up a bit. I have plans for this little guy.

08 lotus & frog
Day 08 lotus & frog

Day 10 – sunflower. I love sunflowers but can’t grow them in my garden. (that’s only partially true, they get to about three inches tall and are eaten to a stump!) so I take photos whenever I see them. I took these photos last year.

10 sunflowers
Day 10 sunflowers

So there we go, another week over. More to do next week, hoping I can come up with a few good ideas.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x


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