Flowers And Rodents

pink roses
Pink roses

Hi there, how are you?

The old blue sketchbook is finished, 150ish pages all filled up whoot! The one good thing about Inktober is it makes me draw a lot more, I have to have a little practice in the sketchbook before making the final drawing.

I’ve looked through the books I have still to use and found a note book with pink paper.

A few years ago the youngling did a little life laundrying and threw a load of note books into the recycling. She didn’t like the paper they were made of. I dragged them all back out much to her disgust vowing to use all of them no matter how bad the paper was. So far I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how useable these notebooks have been.

The paper is still very thin, it has a little more tooth than the blue paper and surprisingly the ink doesn’t leak through the paper (unless I hold the pen there for a long time) so far I’ve tested it on indian ink, fountain pen ink and white gel pen. I doubt watercolour will do well on this paper but I’ll try it out and see before judgement is made.

The roses above were the sketch I used for the last Inktober drawing with the owl. This was the first drawing in the pink book and I really enjoyed drawing them.

For some reason this week I have been drawing small rodents.

First a little mouse staring out into the distance. I wonder what he’s looking at?

mouse looking into the distance
Mouse looking into the distance

I’ve drawn lots of strawberry flowers this week (not shown), I wanted a rabbit sitting amongst the flowers, I don’t think those strawberries will last too long.

I think this needed more darks to liven it up, I just couldn’t work out where to put them. Something to think about in future drawings.

rabbit in the strawberry patch
Rabbit in the strawberry patch

This little mouse looks more shrew than mouse, must be the angle he was sitting. I do like the daisies surrounding him though.

mouse hiding in some daisies
A mouse hiding in some daisies

I’m trying to keep some of the momentum from Inktober but it’s usually difficult for the first week or two as I do feel a bit worn out by these challenges. It doesn’t mean I don’t like doing them, I really do learn so much during the month but it will be nice to slow down a little now it’s over

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Till next time, have fun x


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